We help your HR team overcome the digital challenges on the path to your successful 

digital transformation


We empower your HR department with our technology expertise to succeed in the continuous digital transformation of your company

Make your HR data meaningful

Develop the digital skills
of your HR team

Promote digital
acculturation in your workforce

Redefining your HR functions
in the age of industry 4.0

Our Services

Connect the dots

We'll help you select, implement, customize your HR Information System (HRIS) or Learning Management System (LMS) to get the most meaningful data from it. 

Think out of the box

We'll audit your HR processes and tools to identify how to gain efficiency and improve both your user experience and your data output quality. 

Let the machine handle the boring stuff

We'll connect your different systems together to reduce the administrative burden and data-entry errors.

Flavien Roelandt

Flavien Roelandt

Master degrees in HRM and Sociology (ULB)
An avid lifelong technology passionate
Worked for 10 years in the HR Tech industry

10 years

experience in HR tech




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